Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Leaving Golden Bay

     Well we have been exploring in and around Golden Bay for four days now and as much as I would like to stay...um, forever...it's time to move on. Truth be told I'm none too pleased about it but we have to make it to Christchurch by Feb 2nd to fly to our next destination, Bangkok, Thailand. So that only leaves 5 days and, besides Christchurch being a good distance away, there are some more things on the South Island to see.

     Meanwhile, let me talk about some of the things we've seen here! Our base at the Holiday Park in Pohara Beach, easily the nicest we've stayed at, for the bargain price of $41 NZD per night. The sights! The seals, the yellow eyed penguin, the oystercatchers and black swans!

The hikes! Farewell Spit & Cape Farewell & Fossil point in Puponga, Wharakiki beach in Takaka, The Grove Scenic Reserve in Clifton, Te_Waikoropupū Springs   big chunks of the Abel Tasman/Golden Bay walking tracks
The beaches... the skinny dipping...

            Here's a video of the dunes on Farewell spit
            Here's on (on my youtube channel) of Porter's Cove
     Here's a typical day here: wake up, coffee & shower, pickup lunch & dinner stuff & drinks, drive to a nearby trailhead, make sammiches & load up the backpack, hike to a secluded beach, do some swimming & sun bathing, hike back out, drive back to the holiday park, BBQ some dinner, have a couple beers,  read & play guitar, then hit the hay. All in all? As the Americans say, Awesome!

     If I should die in the Kiwi heat, please bury me out on Excellent Street!

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  1. Happy and safe travels to the next destination!!!! =)

  2. This blog is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for the pics, videos and texts as someday Barbara and I will be following in your footsteps.