Friday, January 9, 2015

Auckland New Zealand

OK! New Zealand rocks so completely I can't even say.

We got a cab to Guadalajara airport, caught our flight to LAX, had a nice lunch at the airport where we were once again reminded what complete pits NY's airports are. C'mon guys, get it together. Got our fight to NZ, where I upgraded (against the wifeypoo's wishes) to a "Sky couch". That means you buy the 3rd seat and the foot rests extend to make a bed of sorts. It was suboptimal to be sure. Still not sure it was worth it. Judge for yourself:

     The lines and brouhaha involving customs and immigration were awful and it took about 2 hours to get out of there after a 13 hour flight from LAX (not to mention the trip from Guadalajara) so when we got to Sky City Grand I was overjoyed to see it was everything you could want in a 5 star hotel. And we were all the more grateful for this after 4 nights in a less than stellar hotel in Guadalajara, Best of all it was free for three days, thanks to Expedia and twitter, from whom I won the gift certificate we used.

     We hot tubbed, swam in the pool, walked to the water front and had lunch at Crew Club, which was delightful, to use the phrase of the day. Then we had a great dinner at the Italian place here, Gusto, and went up in the SkyTower which was super cool and scary and vertigo inducing.
You can even bungee jump from from the top of this thing. Yikes! LOL Here's a pick of LuAnn from the top!

     Today was business. We took a cab to the local wash & fold with our laundry, dropped it off, had breakfast, got haircuts, and hiked up Mount Eden. New haircuts:

Here's a little video from the top:

     Anyway now we have our laundry and are back at the hotel so it's time to look for some lunch.


  1. have fun you two! Im having a hide in the room day, gary went home last night. Time for a rest.

  2. This blog is the best, yous twos. Sorry I don't always comment; I'm often on my phone or on the fly, reading during life's lag times (waiting rooms, etc.). I'm loving every word!

  3. This place is somewhere I'd like to see. Awesome! Have fun, you guys!