Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving in November?!

Well it's time for an update here at We Trot About.

     As always you can check out LuAnn or Andy's Instagrams for more frequent updates. Our traveling has mostly been work related lately, with LuAnn making trips to Denver & South Florida.

     Andy took a new job that will have him traveling to South Florida too, as well as Seattle, Puerto Rico, and probably some other Central American countries, so that's pretty exciting. It's tech work mostly, but also has him in and around the ports, which he loves.

     We did get in a trip to Richmond Virginia to visit with Andy's family. The Saint James river and Maymont park were lovely. The Japanese garden there was great.

     Other than that we've just been super busy. Between work, working on the house, playing gigs, writing music and painting neither of us have had much time for internetting. We saw the Aluminum Show at the Florida Theater which was fun. We also went to the open house at CoRk (The artists's studios at the Corner of Roselle & King st) and it was great to see so many talented artist doing their thing.

It's just about too cold for the pool now. :-(

     We had a monarch caterpillar visit, so Andy put him on our milkweed plant to eat and winter over. Hopefully we'll get to see him do his butterfly thing in the spring.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. We are so grateful to be so blessed and we love you.