Friday, October 31, 2014

Thirteen More Days

     As we spread the word of our unorthodox plans for our near future, we were quite amused by how many friends were not surprised to hear such a thing from us. We've have been planning this for a while and have relied on the advice of our fellow travelers, many who have been on their adventures for years. Now, in a few days, our apartment will be empty, and a tiny rent-a-truck will have the few boxes & furniture we decided to keep. We'll be officially without a permanent address, and with nothing but our carry-on bags, and Andy's guitar. We're not yet experts on world travel, but I suspect we'll be quick learners! 

     Since Andy is a musician and I'm a watercolorist, one of our biggest challenges has been figuring out how to fit everything we need in a carry-on, and still bring enough clothes, shoes, and tech stuff. Andy has almost(!) decided which guitar he's bringing, and I bought the little tiniest watercolor bloc I've ever worked with, and pared down my tubes of paint to just the essential colors. So art and music will be part of this blog. We're excited to share our work here as we go.

     We promise to do our best to keep you amused and entertained while you trot about with us. We'll try not to bore you we discover sights, sounds, and experiences around the world that we can share with you. If you have a question, please ask! We really want to engage our readers. 

     Our first stop will be Philadelphia to visit our daughter, then on to DC where Andy's sister is letting us store some stuff. Next up is Richmond, Va. to visit Andy's folks. Then on to Savannah, a favorite city, for 2 weeks, where we get to see our son graduate from SCAD (woo-hooo!!). After Thanksgiving we fly from Savannah to Mexico, where we'll visit Sayulita, San Miguel de Allende, and Guadalajara, and then travel on to New Zealand for the new year!. 

Wear your walking shoes!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jungle Boogie!

Jungle boogie! Sold the car and the last of the furniture today. Sh!ts getting real now! Final packing and getting ready. Can't believe two and a half weeks left. Still got a few items to buy but our bookings seems set through Jan 3rd. Getting ready to buy tix for New Zealand. I bet it's a lot like Kauai, HI, pictured above

Friday, October 24, 2014

18 days

Here is The Prettiest Wifeypoo enjoying some sunshine. As we get down to the last couple weeks there's less major stuff to do and seemingly more and more minutiae. Did we do this? Did we forget about that? Crap, what about this other thing? Uh... Also trying NOT to think too far ahead. "Well, we HAVE to book flights!" "But wait! Then we're stuck with that schedule. What if we want to stay longer? ARG!" and so on. Good problems to have I suppose, but still somewhat trying. I grow anxious to be away. All this waiting is making me nuts, but no doubt we'll soon wish we had more time to tie up some loose end or other. Excited to meet up with Colin Wright this weekend while he's visiting NYC!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 Days + New Design

My lovely & talented wife has done her magic and much improved the look of the site. In an effort to alleviate the wall of text showing the 10 million items to do before we go I present a picture I hope will be indicative of the immediate future. Me, a pool, my guitar and a hat that reads "Inactivity Director". Also I added Email sign up and RRS feed options. Lots to do.

Monday, October 20, 2014

22 days to go

Wed. Nov 12th is my last day at the office.
Then I go pick up the moving truck and fill it with everything that's left except the bed.

Thu Nov 13th
Next day we add the bed,  the cleaner comes, the landlord gives us our security.
We drive to Philly, drop off half the stuff and continue to Maryland .
We stay over night at a motel in Maryland.

Fri Nov 14th
Pick up the rental car in the AM.
Drop the rest of the stuff at my sister's storage space.
Drop off the truck & continue to Richmond in the car.
Visit with the folks & stay

Sat Nov 15th
Sun Nov 16th
Mon Nov 17th

Tues 11/18
Go to RIC, drop the rental car & fly to Savannah GA
There we stay for a couple weeks and celebrate A's graduation the 22nd.

Then we fly from Savannah to Puerto Vallarta and start our trip in earnest.
What could go wrong?
Zoom! Swish!

Friday, October 17, 2014

T minus 25 days and couting

Welp. LuAnn says the blog is not ready to announce.

No one, she says, is interested in our preparations.

I do not agree but nevertheless I shall hold the official announcement for now.

Notice has been given at work and a great many people told of our plan.

Been going to doctors and getting all sorts of last minute shots and such.

Most people are reacting positively to the news.

"Good for you!" they say. And then "I'm so jealous!". Then "You suck!". LOL

I admit it takes a certain degree of nerve to attempt this feat.

Then again nothing ventured, nothing gained. So....

Monday, October 13, 2014

31 days

Well.. a great many things are sorted, sold and stored.

Really down to odds and sods now.

Did our first test pack last night.

Most everything fit. LuAnn's a little more overpacked than I but...

Well, we'll see.

Been keeping track of stuff at

That's been helpful.

Today may be the day of giving notice. Gulp!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

37 days - yikes


Gotta make Wed 11/12 my last day at the office I guess

Cars are for sale

Almost all the music gear is being cared for

Gotta give some more away/get it held

Got a buncha boxes going to storage at Christine's WAY out in PA

Still trying to sell furniture

It's gonna be a major bitch getting it all to my sister who is now going to LIBERIA

UGH. I guess my problems are all minor compared to that one. Yeesh.

37 days to go tick...tock...ticktockticktickticktick