Monday, June 23, 2014

More dancing, food, art and nature. A trend perhaps?

184 days to our mental departure date of Christmas 2014. Another busy week here.

Highlights include:

Drumming for rockabilly band The Hudson Hornets at a block party on 15th street NYC

More salsa dancing at West Gate Lounge Nyack NY

An art show opening for Joel Popadics at Latour in Ridgewood NJ

A lovely day walking at The New Jersey Botanical Garden 

Listening to ZAZ !

Monday, June 9, 2014

More continuing adventures in NYC

I digitized my entire music collection (well, almost done) which came in at about 40 GB (yes gigabytes) of data. Guess I’ll need two 20 GB players to fit it all. Gonna get rid of the CDs with

I finished my book (soon to be a phone app) of 365 daily quotes on the art and craft of music. More on that to come. Still have to have a CD release party to get rid of the 1000 CDs I had made. If you want one shoot me an email.

Bought some more clothes and got rid of a ton of old stuff.

We went on several long walks at (including seeing the Rose Garden party), and

And of course more salsa dancing!

This week we’re going to the on Governor’s Island

And seeing in central park.

Lots to do!