Saturday, January 24, 2015

1 week to go

     If my daughter could see what Im wearing as I write this, she would be mortified. Believe me, living out of a van for over 2 weeks now has influenced my fashion decisions. To say nothing of the fact that I am living at holiday parks, and I just don't give a damn. Clothing is chosen to shield ones self from the relentless New Zealand sun. It really is not hot, in the sense we in the states are used to at the height of summer...but the sun is powerful beyond belief. The second it sets, on the south island, this is almost 10:00 at night, the sweatshirt goes on. The temperature drops about 20 degrees instantly. A common sight here is someone in short shorts and flip-flops and a parka. So I figure no one cares that I have on a sundress and a sweatshirt...neither of which match in any way. 

     Mascara? Make-up? Something I wouldn't have left the house without a few months ago, I can't be bothered....who cares when you are wearing sunglasses from sunup to sundown? Some Berts Bees on my lips to protect them is as good as it gets. 

     New Zealand is really beyond beautiful. Every bend in the road is breathtaking. Therefore, as we drive, I am constantly shouting..."Whoa, Honey!!!" Thinking Andy is also gawking instead of maneuvering around the next hairpin turn. Yes, the mountain driving is....exciting. Note I am not even mentioning the fact that we are driving "on the wrong side of the road". The vistas look like this: 

See what I mean? 

     We are now on the north end of Abel Tasman. We have another week left in New Zealand. We are debating which way to go next...east coast or west? There are not many roads on the South Island. The Southern Alps runs down the middle like a spine, so you have to go around. Plus you need to go around all the National Parks, of which there are alot. We need to be in Christchurch by the weekend, halfway down the island. We fly out of there to Bangkok on Monday. 

     The decision to come to New Zealand is one we are both thankful for. It was a strain on the budget, as we knew it would be. The food is outrageously expensive....lets see- 2 poached eggs for breakfast? $18NZ (maybe $16 American). Even our usual breakfast of two muffins and two coffees (Flat Whites as the Kiwis call them) is usually $32 NZ. Dinner in a restaurant is hard to come by anywhere for under $100. We are proud that we have been able to cook our own dinners now six times. Now I say proud because our entire "kitchen" consists of 2 pans, 2 plastic plates, 2 plastic cups, 2 forks and spoons. Thats it. But, the thing is, we feel it was worth it to see the things we've seen. 

And thats what this trip is about. 


  1. Aw moo!! I'm sure you look wonderful in your sundress and hoodie!

  2. Give it another couple weeks, eventually bathing turns out to be optional. :)