Sunday, February 1, 2015

Leaving NZ, Thailand bound

     Just a short post from the airport lounge in Christchurch NZ waiting for our Emirates flight to Thailand. It gets there at 1AM and we sure hope the hotel will let us check in at that time. We can't seem to get through on the phone.

     The last few days in Akaroa were amazingly great. We popped by the local yacht club, made some friends and got an invite to sail in the race and play for the reception! Good times!

     Returned the rental today with no problems and got safely to the airport. We love LuckyRentals!

     Bit of a surprise when we got here, turns out Thailand ALSO needs proof of onward travel arrangements. Oops. Can't get on the plane without it. Panic as we try to book a flight that we can cancel because ALSO you can only stay 30 days. The 30 day extension only applies when you get it at the embassy there with your onward ticket in hand. Dammit.

     And oh, hey, look, our credit card is declined because the postal service decided to inform our credit card of a forward request and changed our address without permission or instructions from us! Stellar! Good thing LuAnn was on the phone, I would have ripped the agent's head off. How dare they make a change like that without even consulting me? Way to go Chase!

     Anyway, we got that all sorted out but yeesh! If it weren;t for the last minute nothign would ever get done LOL

     I'm just a bit grumpy because I really like it here in NZ and would prefer to stay longer but here we go to Thailand. Boarding now! Love you guys!

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