Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Zealand to Bangkok

    We bid New Zealand farewell a few days ago from the lovely harbor town of Akaroa, and we are now in Bangkok. Culture shock? You betcha. From a very sparsely populated country where we often had entire beaches to ourselves to the craziness of Bangkok. But to its credit, it was a thrill getting 2 coffees for the equivalent of $2 at the airport hotel, instead of the $12 it was in NZ.
    We only just today made arrangements for where we will go after we check out of our hotel in Bangkok on Sunday. We are taking a few days to travel up to Chiang Mai, visiting the ancient capitals of Ayuthaya and Suhothoni on the way.  Our plan has always been to keep things loose and be spontaneous, but I did not foresee the challenge of staying in the moment of the place you visiting, and not planning too far ahead. Who wants to spend all their time in one country planning for the next? It was hard to think about Thailand too much when you are exploring the beautiful country that was New Zealand. Therefore, we let some details slip, but, hey, we are still rookies at this round the world travel stuff, so we'll give ourselves a break. But at the same time, we hope to find that balance of staying flexible, but keeping everything in line. 

     So suddenly here we are. Bangkok is huge, crazy, confusing, crowded, sweaty, dirty, and somehow amazing. One minute I'm hating it and the next I'm thinking..well, maybe its not so bad. The temples and buddhas..well, they need to be seen to be believed. Its lot of ups and downs.

                                              The aptly named vertigo restaurant and Moon Bar:
                                     This was a moving vehicle with 2 people on a motorcycle inside:
                                             Hard to look fierce with a pigeon on your shoulder:
     And, let me tell you sleeping in a normal comfy bed after 21 days in a camper van is heaven! Plus we are in a really nice hotel here in Bangkok for way less than a Days Inn at home. I'm ready to explore the north of Thailand. More to come!  LuAnn

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