Friday, February 20, 2015

Takin' care o' bidness, Sunshine for Elephants and Pai

         Since we got back to Chiang Mai from Mae Wang (and stop that snickering) we've been sort of laying low & taking care of business. Went to the Chiang Mai National Museum, did some laundry and started getting our tax stuff together (ugh). NJ in all it's wisdom won't mail out it's unemployment 1099, you can only get it online, BUT they won't let you log in outside the US. Because, you know, no one ever leaves the US. Idiots.

     Got to Skype with pals and talk to the fam on the phone. Did you know you need 0011 before the number when calling the US from Thailand? I didn't. Everywhere else I've been in the world it's just 001. So that led to some frustration until I got smart enough to look it up. They have this thing called the internet now! D'oh!

     This week's forthcoming excitement arrives in the form of a visit to the Elephant Nature Park where we will trek 3 hours through the jungle with the herd, wash & feed them as part of Sunshine For Elephants.

                    Here are some recent elephant related pix from in and around Chiang Mai:

     Also, went to the amazing 3D museum, but that was last week so you'll have to check out the instagram accounts on the right there for all those pics BUT here's a bonus video:
Next, a video of me wiping out at the very end of an otherwise amazingly dry and successful navigation of the Wang river in Mae Wang on a bamboo raft:
And finally one of the waterfall visit after:

OK gang, hope you all enjoyed that. Please comment & follow along with the social media accounts of your choice with the links on the right there. Lots of love! Stay Warm! We're off to Pai next week!
-Andy & LuAnn


  1. Have a great time! I love elephants- that trek sounds incredible.
    Namaste- Aisling

  2. I hope you checked for leeches after drying off!