Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Lessons I've Learned in Three Months of Travel.

Just a short post. It came to mind as we were piled like sardines in a songtaew (sort of a cross between a tuk-tuk and a normal bus) on our way to our next destination that we have been traveling now just a bit over three months.

Here are the top three things that I have learned in that time.

1. 7-11's are everywhere. And they have everything you need.
2. Music is a universal language. Everywhere Andy has gotten out his guitar and started strumming, friends were made. People have smiled and sang along....from "Sweet Home Alabama" in Hahei, New Zealand to "Wind Cries Mary" outside a massage parlor in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
3. The world is drowning in its own garbage. And that makes me angry and horribly sad. Of course, third world countries are having a difficult time dealing with it. And, no, it's not all their own garbage. Guests in their countries are largely contributing to it. Case in point, our guesthouse in Chiang Mai had a pretty nice view from the balcony. If you could overlook all the cigarette butts and plastic cups previous "guests" had carelessly tossed onto the roof  directly below. Shameful. The world really is going to end up as portrayed in "Wall-E", no more room for people, just rubbish.

So, we have arrived at our next destination. We staying with a Thai family in the countryside an hour outside Chiang Mai.  It's lovely. Our hostess, Fonn, has informed me we will go to the market at 5:15 for the fresh ingredients for our dinner, and we will begin cooking at 6:00.

I'm sure a whole post on this will soon come! Since I don't want to post a picture of garbage here's one of the homestay:


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