Saturday, November 29, 2014

That's more like it!

     Sayulita, Mexico is a lovely place. I've only been here half a day but so far I don't want to leave. Good mix of locals, expats and tourists. Great street food, gorgeous beach with plenty of happy beach dogs, 70 degrees. I have no complaints. Check out the view (pictured above)!

     It was a longish travel day from Savannah, GA, starting at 3:30AM but we made our connection in Dallas and arrived about 1PM local time. I slept on the 1st leg and LuAnn slept on the 2nd. I read a good deal of Thomas Jefferson's biography. It seems timely.

     We forded through the guys trying to sell us on expensive taxi rides and got to the bus stop where there was a great taco place recommended by our host where we ate heartily of shrimp and fish tacos, then got on the bus.

     What a fun and funny ride! The bus driver had no problem with people standing, stuff in the aisles, moving with the doors open, whatever. I was surprised there were no chickens, pigs or goats.

     Driving through the jungle was gorgeous! Wait, there's some guy with his pants around his knees peeing on the side of the road and smirking at the cars as he moons them all? No one even raised an eyebrow. People here just don't care about things that aren't a big deal.

     Got to the end of the trail and...nothing. Everyone got off in a dirt parking lot and the bus drove away. Landlord not picking up the phone? No sweat. Walked into town, got some directions and got to the house. Hey, landlord was waiting for us! Drop the stuff and have drinks on the beach! I can't overstate the utility of having some foreign language skills.

     Right now I am looking at more stars that I've seen at one time other than on the ocean and there is a marching band competition going on in town. Awesome and hilarious and great. 18 days into the "No Plan Is Too Complicated" Tour and so far I must report it as going well. Cheers!

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  1. Okay, I guess air travel has some advantages. Enjoy!