Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4 days on the run and now I'm dying' of thirst...

     OK! I present to you a lovely shot of Annapolis harbor that took forever to make. I am still getting the hang of using a Mac. Imagine my surprise to find that the native photo editing program won't save its edits! Non-destructive editing they call it. I almost threw the Mac out the hotel window. That would be destructive editing. ANYWAY, I figured it out and got a photo editor that worked.

     Even so, we are definitely using Instagram as our main photo repository for now. Both our feeds are in the links on the right side over there, but for your convenience here are clickable links to mine and LuAnn's.

     Miraculously our complex plan worked flawlessly. Thursday we got the truck, got everything IN the truck, sold the car, got back our security deposit, made a quick visit to our daughter in Philly, and made it at midnight to the hotel in Laurel MD where we were both too keyed up to sleep well. Friday we got the rental car, dropped the stuff in my sister's storage, returned the truck and feeling free at last decided to head to Annapolis for lunch and had fantastic crab cake sandwiches at Buddy's Crab Shack .

     Saturday it was off to Richmond VA to visit my folks. We had a nice afternoon visit, then crashed at the Hyatt Aboretum.  We spent Sunday at The Richmond Museum of Art, which was well worthwhile, a very pretty, but manageable museum, and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Richmond.

    Moving on early Monday morning we drove down 95 in the pouring rain taking turns driving and reading Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential to each other. We were excited to finally visit Charleston, a city we've been wanting to see for quite a while. It was as gorgeous as we imagined. The sight of the palmettos and still flowering planters made us smile. We checked into The Elliot House which made my week. The hot tub was really hot and the rain had stopped, leaving that warm humid southern air. After a soak we had some complimentary wine & cheese by the pool, then went to happy hour at Pearlz where I can only describe the food and drink as orgasmic. If you love oysters, this is your kind of place. After dinner we walked around a bit, and had a glass of wine at Social Wine Bar.

     The next morning we bundled up and took a stroll to take in some more of Charleston's fantastic architecture. We may have neglected to mention that we are having very chilly temps here, record lows, and with the exception of Monday, its been pretty friggin cold all around, but still warmer than New Jersey! Once again we could not say no to another meal of southern comfort food, I mean, who can when they are Charleston??? So after a stellar lunch at Poogan's Porch (shrimp & grits, fried chicken, she-crab soup & mac n' cheese-yeah, all that!) LuAnn drove while I snoozed. We took a detour through Bluffton, SC, then made it to Savannah where we hit Whole Foods to fill the fridge and will now chill for the next TEN DAYS! Staying put for while? Woohoo!


  1. OhmyGod, you haven't even left the country and I'm in love with this trip! I swear...you might block me before you're done.

  2. Looks like you're off to a great start!

  3. I have some test cases I could use your help with...