Monday, November 24, 2014

Graduation Week in Savannah


     Savannah always makes us happy. Doubly so this time since as of Saturday we are the proud parents of a SCAD graduate. The graduation ceremony itself was up to the standards of a creative school, with a drum line, light show, and confetti coming from the ceiling at the conclusion like a snippet from a Blue Man Group show. We had to attach the video above HERE for your enjoyment. I would make a snide comment about how much of the crazy tuition cost, and subsequent student debt, went into this production, but that would seem ungrateful now, wouldn't it?

     Anyway, we do feel at home in this absurdly beautiful Southern city, with its moss draped oaks, and historic squares popping up every few blocks as you walk. If you love architecture like we do, you really should visit. Its a Southern city with a uniquely European feeling. We do not have a car here, so we've been walking everywhere, in some vain hope that it will counteract the indulgences of fried oysters, fried chicken, and 3 trips so far to Lulu's Chocolate Bar.

     Since we are now on the topic of food.....we had a wonderful post graduation lunch at the Olde Pink House, probably the premier restaurant in Savannah with its gracious setting in an old mansion in Reynolds Square. The day before we had doggedly gotten in line (and believe us, Andy does not usually willingly stand in line for anything) early at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House to see what all the fuss was about. Wow. Amazing....for $18 a person you are treated to a lunch you will not soon forget- seated at tables of 10 with bowl upon bowl of fried chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes, mac an' cheese, meat loaf, ham hocks, butter beans...truly, I can't even remember it all, all served family style. A Savannah tradition...but only open Mon-Fri 11:00-2:00.

     We forgot to mention our trip to Bonaventure Cemetery which was quite enjoyable. Also the Telfair museum (which was kinda meh to tell the truth) and the Jepson center, where we saw the Whitfield Lovell exhibit, which Andy really liked.

     So, we've now said a tearful "see you soon" (her words and very appropriate) to our daughter, who was also here from Philly to see her brother graduate. We have several more days here, until we fly out to Puerta Vallarta on Saturday. And then about an hours bus ride to Sayulita. we come!


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