Friday, December 5, 2014

The time has come to tell of many things

     Well, it's Friday and though I have posted a bunch on Facebook and Instagram, it's high time for a proper blog post. This I will now try to provide. The pelicans pictured above are endlessly amusing, diving in formation for their suppers. I can and do watch them for hours.

     A week in Sayulita, Mexico has been a dream. The weather has been fantastic; the food and drink divine. LuAnn has managed to avoid
Montezuma and though I have been somewhat ill twice now, the less said about him the better. We trot about indeed!

     I continue to be relieved to be in a place where everything fun isn't forbidden and enforced by a SWAT team. I've seen about four cops and they were bothering no one. The US police state endangers every American and if it isn't dismantled soon God only knows where it will lead.

    Meanwhile, there's this Festival de la Virgen de Guadaloupe here where they set off firecrackers twice a day, and by firecrackers I mean 15 quarter sticks of dynamite in rapid succession. I thought Spain had come to reclaim Mexico and was shelling us at 5 AM. That line has been getting a good laugh here. So yeah, twice a day, everyday for a week, people are setting off professional grade fireworks without permission, or a fire marshall or anything else. Try THAT in NYC. Don't tell them I sent you.
     Later they have a beautiful parade ending at the church, a lovely catholic ceremony, then music, dancing and such until the wee hours, and then they do it all over again. I recall this from Spain and can only assume people are having a good siesta every day because otherwise, no way!

    We continue to meet amazing and friendly people from all over and I am reminded how well and how awfully I speak Spanish. I can get it done every time but it ain't pretty, for sure. Soon I'm going to know 500 words in each of 15 languages, including English, but nothing else. Already I'm saying stupid sentences like "Hand me that thing I can't think of the name of right now...spatula!" Next up: "Thing! Give!"

     We gave up our American phone numbers for good, and screw AT&T for real. I would have paid $10 a month to keep my number alive but they were such a pain about it I gave up. Many big companies (PSEG, ATT, TWC) have said "OK your account is cancelled we'll mail you a bill." Good luck with that. There's this internet thing you should look into. See you the 11th of never.

     We are working on booking the bus to San Miguel De Allende which is kind of a pain BUT the $500 Expedia gift card I won on Twitter got us 3 nights In Auckland NZ next month at Skycity Grand Hotel for...$29. WOOHOO!

     So, three weeks on the road so far and, in conclusion: AWESOME! I regret NOTHING! So far.
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  1. Do you now use foreign SIM cards, or just forego phone altogether?

    Nice to hear about the gift card, how did that happen?

  2. I'm glad that, Montezuma aside (shhhh!!) things are going well for you guys. The joy is in the journey, for sure, and too many people miss out on the journey due to fear.

  3. And congrats on the Twitter win!!! Sounds like affirmation that you are right where you supposed to be! :)