Monday, March 16, 2015


Yep. Wow!

     1/3rd of a year without employment, a fixed address, a car or anything we can't carry with us. One might think a recap is in order! If you want a recap though, just keep clicking the previous post button. :-)

     Instead, we'll look ahead at a brief list of destinations for the immediate future since we have nailed down a number of our upcoming travel arrangements that were heretofore quite nebulous, to wit: At the end of this week we shall repair to an apartment near Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand.

     We are looking forward to doing some trips to market and our own cooking. Pork, chicken, beef and shrimp (respectively) are moo, gai, nua, and goong in Thai. I've been feeling good about my language skills here. I probably have 100 useful words now and I can count to 10,000. When you can do numbers in the native language that definitely helps haggling. Then again, as Julia Child's husband Paul once said "Don't start thinking you speak the language just because they don't bring you oysters when you order beer." I'm still woeful, but improving.

Anyway here is the new space:
     This is close enough to the Krabi airport to make the start of our next leg less painful since we leave at 6AM March 30th for Osaka, Japan. We'll have two days in Osaka, then 8 days in Kyoto, where we hope to see cherry blossoms galore. After that we'll visit our pal Takuo Nakamura in Nagoya, have a few days at a Ryokan near Mt Fuji, then 3 days in Tokyo where one highlight will be the insane Robot Restaurant that Anthony Bourdain hipped us to in his great show Parts Unknown. I don't have any good pix of that stuff now so you'll just have to wait LOL

     I was really bummed to limit our time in Japan to 15 days but the weather will be kind of early spring-ish and I wouldn't want to accidentally see any SNOW because this is, after all, the "Year Of No Snow" tour, subtitle "No Plan Is Too Complicated Tour, parte le deux". Anyhow, Japan is expensive, so they tell me.

     Moving on, we fly to Bali on April 15th, AKA tax day since that's when tax filings are due in the US. I'm sweating that because even though our accountant has all the stuff now my hopes to break even seem far fetched, even to me. Regardless, that's all over but the shouting so I shan't fret too much.

First up, a week in Sanur, here:
Then two weeks in Nusa Lembongan where we plan to go first instead of booking sight unseen.

     Finally a week in Ubud here:
     Moving on we fly to Singapore for 4 days where we will sling ourselves into things like the marina, the Gardens by the Bay, etc, etc...

Next up 3 nights in Istanbul at this lovely spot:
     Here we hope to see the tower, the Blue Mosque, the Sophia Hagia, the Bosphorus (which I keep calling the Bosephus in my head). The next 10 days are nebulous yet, but I think we'll go to Bodrum, Turkey then on to Rhodes and/or Crete before settling in Santorini, Greece for a whopping two weeks here:

By that time we'll have been 7 months on the road. Yikes. Thanks so much for following along, thanks for your comments, love and support and everything! Please follow on the social media of your choice, especially Instagram since we post a lot of pictures there that don't make it to the blog. Cheers!


  1. I've read every single one of your blog posts. I've clicked some of your links (spent a good half hour looking through Lou's art on her website, as well as looking at other random stuff). You guys are doing great out there! Apologies for not commenting more (or even before) but that has nothing to do with the content you're giving us. x

  2. Ooooo-Greece!!! I wa envying you guys a few days ago when I was elbow deep in paperwork! Lol.

  3. Oh- the above comment is from Aisling. :)