Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September of the 2016

     Short post today, just to have an update really. We haven't trotted about much this month.

     As always now we point to you LuAnn and Andy's instagrams for more frequent updates, though lately not much more frequent. We have been crazy busy with the house.

     Really, there is just an all fired TON of paperwork and running around and a neverending cast of characters to the process of buying a house. Bankers, Lawyers, Agents, Inspectors, Pool guys, tree guys, Alarm guys, Insurance guys...and a partridge in a frickin pear tree. Fortunately everything went quite smoothly, really. No hang ups to speak of.

     Some notable events in the past couple weeks besides closing on the house: We had our Seventh Wedding Anniversary, celebrated with a delicious meal at local French hot spot Orsay. We dodged the bullet of hurricane Hermine, our first since moving to Florida and the first to make landfall in Florida in eleven years. Well, mostly. Got a roof leak to fix, but it seems pretty minor.

     In all mostly we are working, pursuing our artistic bents, working on the house and of course spending every spare minute in the pool.  LuAnn will be traveling some more for work this month so.

     Andy will just have to muddle through. He quickly reverts to even more
complete uselessness without his wifeypoo.

     Occasionally we miss the devil-may-care vagabond life but considering how much we are digging our new digs and loving our new neighborhood & all of Jacksonville in general it's pretty great. Besides, soon enough the wanderlust will bite again no doubt and we'll be off on some more insane adventures, God willing and dangers of the sea excepted.

Cheers wonderful people! We love and miss you all!

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