Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring @ #WeTrotAbout


     Once again I must mention our slow pace here at #WeTrotAbout so, for those wanting more frequent news of your hosts, I direct you to InstagramAndy and Instagram LuAnn. Meanwhile...

     In recent weeks we trotted about! First to Palm Coast for the Washington Oaks State Park & Garden on the Matanzas River, which was absolutely gorgeous and wonderful! We also saw the cool Coquina Rocks there, which are sedimentary rocks made from seashells. They were quite extensive and beautiful!

     Another travel adventure took us to Boca Raton to see Cirque De La Symphonie, featuring a live symphony orchestra plays behind acrobats, magicians, jugglers, strong men & aerialists from Cirque Du Soleil. It was a really entertaining program! Also, since our friend Jan works for one of the sponsors, we got in with her for free, including free food and drink. Hey, you can't beat that!

     More traveling! We explored the beautiful Ringhaver Park nature trails, saw some amazing birds, fish and snakes, plus met some nice folks too!

     We also did some biking along the riverfront and saw the Mystic, a 100-year-old three masted schooner tied up there. Alas, she's for sale & no tours. Sad face.

     In non-travel news we're getting ready for LuAnn's next art show at the Cool Moose Cafe in April. She's been doing some more painting lately, which you can see at

     I played at the opening of The Yarn Cow, a local yarn business owned by a friend. Met lots of cool local musicians and I found a sympatico bassist and drummer quite by accident who inexplicably enjoy playing my compositions, so that's really fun.

     I've been writing & recording songs since I was 16 or so. Going through the archives I discovered that I have recorded more than 170 original songs. That's pretty crazy, no? Even if most are just OK that's still an impressive accomplishment in my view. Yay! See you in April!

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