Monday, January 11, 2016

Full Time Travel VS Gap Year Pt 1 of 3 with Chuck and Lori!

Today we're featuring (and being featured by) our pals, fellow travelers Chuck and Lori.

Here is a link to the article on blog, the first in a 3 part series where we talk about Full Time Travel VS taking a Gap Year.

Quoting Chuck:
Wanderlust is a serious affliction. It can incite otherwise sane, mature people to sell everything they own and hit the road or to tell their employers they’re taking a year off so they can travel the world. If you have an acute case of wanderlust, you might be asking yourself some life-changing questions. Can I just run away and travel the world for rest of my life? What if I just take a year or so off and do a round-the-world trip?

We hope you follow along! 


Andy & LuAnn

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  1. I remember giving notice for my gap year. It was the summer of 2013.:)