Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hello 2017

Hello 2017

Well life got in the way of blogging in Dec. Quel suprise!
     My buddy Lyle came for a visit and we took down the back deck, which was rotten.
I fixed the fact that the cable was run outside the foundation (!) and
LuAnn and I got it all painted so that's looking good. Gotta put some stairs down from the master bedroom door, put some plants and a picnic table umbrella thing and we're in business.

     We threw a grand party that was super fun. Remarkably we got hardly any pictures, so it must have been a good time. LuAnn made many fancy deviled eggs which were a huge hit.

     Austen was here the last couple weeks so we went to Fernandina and boneyard beach which were awesome.

     We had a nice meal at Candy apple Cafe and went to the symphony for Handel's Messiah.
Christmas was great and everyone got nice gifts

     I spent most of my spare time practicing and getting ready for the Jan 6th debut of a new band, 
only to have those members quit at the last second and for no sensible reason that they would admit.
Even if they hated me and thought I was a total incompetent I still can't believe these two broke
musicians didn't want to play and make some $$ but whatever. I found two other guys and we played. La.

     Had a delicious New Year's dinner containing crab which set off my new shellfish allergy, so that made NYE suck. Oh well, it was still good.

LuAnn and I have been working on a design for the kitchen reno on the theory that a paver patio would be nice, but a new kitchen will be more bang for the buck value-wise. Sure helps to have a wife who is expert in such matters.

     Well a little light and not the most interesting post ever. We didn't trot about very much but this helps me remember what happened. We did start planning some upcoming travel. LuAnn is going to Vegas for a spell and hopefully we'll be heading to Europe again soon. Cheers & happy New Year!

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