Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy July 2nd! 148 days to liftoff & Counting!

Well we are spending this weekend dancing and watching fireworks in NYC, hurricane whoever be damned. Got a wedding Saturday so hopefully that won't be a factor. Another wedding in Boston next week is making this a short month work wise and in general.

Big news on the trip (I think?) is I am pushing it forward. Our son finishes SCAD in Sept (I hope) but fall graduation isn't until Nov 22nd. So hopefully we can have both kids in Savannah for graduation & combination Thanksgiving/Christmas and leave from there! 148 days and counting!

That means getting everything out of our place and getting the landlord to rent it out starting Dec 1st so we don't blow the last month's rent on an empty apartment. Hopefully that will work.

Updated Itinerary:
Dec: Mexico (Guantajuato, Valladolid & San Miguel de Allende)
Jan (1st half): New Zealand (Auckland, Taupo, Wellington, & Nelson)
Jan (2nd half) Australian (Sydney, Canberra & The Gold Coast/Barrier Reef)
Feb-April: Indonesia (Bali & Jakarta) Philipines & Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bankok, Koh Lanta)
April: Japan (Nagoya, Kyoto, Mt Fuji, Tokyo)
May-June: Turkey (Istanbul & Bodrum) & Greece (Rhodes, Santorini, Athens, etc)
July: Scandanavia (Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Stockholm & Copenhagen)
Aug: UK (Edinburgh Scotland & Cork Ireland)
Sept: Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Germany (The Rhine bet Koblenz & Frankfurt)
Oct: Portugal (Lisbon & The Algarve)
Nov: Ecuador (Quito & Cuenca)
Dec: Africa? Namibia, South Africa & Tanzania? Or Italy?
Or maybe back the the US for Thanksgiving/Xmas?

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